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Integrative Amrit Method Yoga
"Amrit Yoga" 
The Posture of Consciousness

I AM Yoga or Amrit Yoga is unlike most modern forms of yoga practiced today. It is 
a living system of traditional yogic philosophy and science evolving through a living master, Amrit Desai. Tina is one of the few certified instructors in the area offering this powerful program. 

Amrit Yoga goes beyond the physical aspect of doing yoga. It is a transformative, integrative practice that cross-trains your physical, mental and emotional bodies using deliberate tension and relaxation with each pose. During the sequence, the mind calms and clears while the body aligns and renews. The further into the practice, the more meditative the experience becomes. How? The shift from thinking and doing into feeling and being.


Whether you are a beginner or advance student, someone wanting to round out a fitness routine or for those desiring personal transformation, Amrit Yoga brings the depth of yoga to the body, mind and spirit.